Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cooking Makes Me Happy

As the title of this post states cooking makes me happy! I absolutely love it! I cook every night, even after a 13 hour day (I'll get more into that another time). I plan out my week on Sunday and each night I get home, put on my apron and get to cooking. It keeps me sane - gives me an outlet to think, or stop thinking, really, and just be.

My goal in writing this blog is to organize my recipes. I subscribe to about 10 food blogs and am constantly downloading and testing out recipes. And, I'm sure these recipes are all really good, but I NEVER follow them to a the letter. I add my own ingredients, take away, change the protein, etc., I basically use their recipe for a base and then add my touch. The problem with this is when I want to remake the 3-bean chili or baked zucchini sticks I have adapted from a food blog I have no idea how I changed the original recipe and rarely end up with the same results. For the most part this is ok, but I still want a place to keep my recipes and writing a blog is something I've wanted to do for awhile and why not write about something I love?

Since I was little I've loved cooking. I cook with my mom and my sister - always helping Mom peel the potatoes and making the hamburger patties. Side note, I used to eat the potato peels raw AND, this is embarrassing, I'd eat parts of the raw ground beef! Ah, ok, give me a break, I was like 7 or something and it helped my mom realize I was anemic so something good came out of it - and I don't do it now, promise! Ok, so back to helping Mom in the kitchen, she makes these hamburgers called 'Nother Burgers, called that so cleverly by my sister when she was a wee tot, "Mommy, I want 'nother burger." so cute! They are so darn tasty, and  even though we've switched to ground turkey and lighter ingredients the burgers are still delish! My mom is the best, she gave me my confidence in the kitchen - the woman can cook and she passed that down to me. Her words of advice? Taste as you go, clean up as you go and always have fun!

So why a blog? Not only to help organize my recipes as I already mention, but to also help with my weight lose journey. I am currently doing Weight Watchers and love it. Its not a diet, its a lifestyle change! (God, I sound like a commercial! haha!). I need to balance food with working out with having fun. This blog with help me organize my recipes for yummy slimmed down mac and cheese and cheesy enchiladas all the while tracking my weight lose journey, and, as Mom always says, HAVE FUN!

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